About Us

Cole Gunsmithing employs three gunsmiths; each of whom have a specialty within the trade. 

Owner, Rich Cole has been a Beretta specialist for over 30 years and continues with his passion for fine Italian shotguns today as an authorized sales and service center for Beretta, Caesar Guerini, Perazzi and Zoli. Rich loves custom work and enjoys working with customers to achieve the look and fit they desire from their shotgun. 

Bob Guyton has attended too many industry schools to count and is well versed in general repair, with a specialty of Beretta 682 service work and barrel fitting.

Jim Bellegarde is well known among Beretta 390 series lovers for the magic he works on the actions and triggers of the Beretta semi auto line, as well as the oil finishing of gunstocks.

Kelly Field manages the colegun.com website and the Cole Gunsmithing office.

Robin Moore Handles all your Beretta Shotgun Parts orders and shipping needs.

Jona Cole manages the shop in Florida, and handles most human resource, public relations and marketing issues.

We are Florida's only dealer of Beretta's Premium Guns, as well as Florida's only Perazzi dealer. In addition, we are stocking dealers for Beretta, Caesar Guerini, FabArm, Perazzi and Antonio Zoli shotguns. We are one of only five (5) Beretta Warranty Service Centers, an authorized service center for Antonio Zoli Shotguns, and well-versed in the general service of Perazzi and Caesar Guerini Shotguns. We are a full time facility offering best-quality gunsmithing services in our modern shops equipped with high quality machinery and tooling. We are now operating two shops, one in Maine and one in Naples, Florida.

Most of our work is done in-house, however we do contract some processes to other specialists in the trade such as color case hardening, electroplating, and some choke tube work. We feel it is important to understand that the gunsmithing trade is highly specialized and that we cannot be experts in every facet in the trade; therefore at times we will refer customers with certain jobs to others in the trade that may specialize in their specific need. We are glad to do this in order to provide our customers access to the best possible skills available.