Gunsmithing Services

Cole Gunsmithing employs four gunsmiths; each of whom have one or more specialties within the trade. See our list of services below for the variety of services we offer, including mechanical repair, stock modification and stock making, refinishing, some restoration, bluing and custom builds.

Rich Cole has been working on fine shotguns for over thirty years and has a well- trained team of technicians delivering the highest quality gunsmithing service.

We are one of only five (5) Beretta Warranty Service Centers in the USA and is well-versed in the general service of Perazzi, Caesar Guerini and other fine Italian Shotguns. We now have two facilities offering best-quality gunsmithing services; our newest location in Naples, Florida and the original shop in Harpswell, Maine. Both shops are equipped with high-quality machinery and tooling. Most semi-auto work and hot bluing is handled in our Maine facility. 

Most of our work is done in-house, however we do contract some processes to other specialists in the trade such as color case hardening, electroplating, and some choke work. We believe that the gunsmithing trade is highly specialized and no one can be 'expert' in every facet; therefore, at times we will refer customers with certain jobs to others in the trade that may specialize in their specific need. We are glad to do this in order to provide our customers access to the best possible skills and service available.

We are ready to assist you in our Maine or Florida location, please call before shipping your firearm to be sure it goes to the correct facility.


Shotgun Work
Hot Bluing of o/u barrels (certain models only, please call) $250 minimum
Hot Bluing of o/u action & misc. parts (certain models only, please call) $200 - $300
Polish and Rust Blue o/u and sxs barrels $250 minimum
Lengthen forcing cone, polished (each barrel) $85
Open chokes in fixed choke barrel, non-chrome bore $100
Open chokes in fixed choke barrel, chrome bore $115
Convert Inertia to Mechanical trigger on Beretta OU
Convert Inertia to Mechanical Trigger on DT-10
Adjust trigger pulls on Beretta and most O/U
Fit, finish and heat-treat ejector on Beretta OU
$150 + parts
Install barrel bushings/ tighten action Beretta 680 series
Polish and Adjust trigger pull on Beretta semi auto
Hand polish action on Beretta semi-auto (ensures smooth, reliable function)
Fit barrel sets Beretta O/U
General Clean and Service Semi Auto
$150 + parts
General clean and service Beretta O/U
$150 + parts
General Clean and Service Perazzi
$200 + parts
Release trigger conversion Beretta Semi Auto
Release trigger conversion FABARM Velocity
Release trigger complete FABARM Velocity


 Wood Working
Install 4-way adjustable comb (add $25 if plug for stock bolt hole is required) $295  *A400 models-$400
Install Cole Brand 6-Way adjustable comb $400  *A400 models-$500
Install Beretta B-Fast 6-Way Adjustable Comb $450  *A400 models-$550
Install ‘through the pad’ recoil pad adjuster (adjusts up/down & side to side) $275
Install Adjustable Butt with LOP adjustment $325
Install GraCoil recoil reducer $385
Install GraCoil recoil reducer with Length of Pull adjustment $435
Install ISIS Recoil Reduction system $575 + pad
Install ISIS Recoil Reduction System (part supplied by customer) $300 labor
Adjust length of pull, cut stock, fit pad (cut or add spacer) $160; includes standard pad
Refinish Stock and forend with oil finish $300 minimum
if re-cutting checkering $500
Remove schnable from forend $125
Remove Pistol grip and convert to straight stock (w/oil finish) $300 - $400 minimum
Remove Pistol grip and convert to straight stock (w/Urethane finish) $500 - $600 minimum
Repair cracked stock/forend call for quote
Engrave initials on stock oval $135
Leather covered pad $320
Wooden butt plate $200
Bend stock for cast on or off $175 minimum
Adjust stock dimensions by inletting change on draw bolt stock $100 - 175
Beretta Custom Hand-Carved Stock- built to customer specifications (price of blank is additional)
391 semi Auto $1350
680 series (add $250 for side plated actions) $2000
DT-10/ Perazzi/Zoli $2100
Fit wood set - Beretta O/U $175
Fit wood set - Beretta w/ sideplates $250
Simple Fitting appointment $100