The Stock Making Process

Cole Custom Stock Making System

At Cole Gunsmithing, we recognize that serious shotgunners need to have a correctly fitted gun; stock dimensions make all the difference.

Our focus is on the hand-carving of one perfect stock at a time, rather than mass production. Using the process we have developed, we are able to to make our customer a stock which has been designed to his/her personal specifications, perfect inside and out.

We are able to assist our customers in determining the correct specifications for their custom stock, or custom gun, as we do fittings by appointment. We can also refer our customers to a stock fitter in their area in order to help them determine their correct stock dimensions.

At present, we are only making custom stocks for Beretta (semi-auto and 680 series), Perazzi and a limited number of Zoli shotguns guns. Please contact us for more information.